Gonzalo Higuain is now officially a Juventus player (let’s never trust Napoli again) but has admitted that it’s up to him to prove his steep price tag and that he understands the fans’ anger.

The prolific striker was linked with Arsenal more than once but this time, there was an actual glimmer of hope that he might come to north London. We needed a striker; he was open to a move. It could have happened…right?

Until his price tag was announced; Arsene Wenger was never going to pay almost £80m for one player. No way, no how.

So we moved on.

Higuain, however, made the controversial choice to join Serie A rivals Juve ‘in order to win trophies’…remind you of anyone?

“Clearly it’s a dream but that’s what we’ve got to work for all season,” he said.

“I hope to win a lot of titles with Juve. … Now it’s up to me to show why they spent so much money to buy me.”

He added, “I spent three marvelous years at Napoli and I can only thank the fans for all the love they showed for me.

“I’ve read a lot of insults aimed at me and all I can say is I understand their anger. I made the choice I had to make.”

Could the 28-year-old have been the answer to all our troubles? He could have helped but even I would have been a little bit uncomfortable with spending so much on a player of his age and it’s not even my money! It’s a gamble and Arsenal don’t do gambles. Hopefully, this doesn’t come back to bite us on the Arse-nal.