Over the years, we have not been used to see Arsene Wenger overpay much for new players. But this summer, he seems to have gone totally mad.

Granit Xhaka for £30m, Alexandre Lacazette for £33.7m, Riyad Mahrez for £37.1m if both are signed. Has he gone crazy and overboard? I mean quality players are hard to find of course, but it seems strange to see him pay way over the odds.

What has happened to him? He looks like a changed man. Gone are the days where he would happily not sign a player if overpriced and that’s why Arsenal fans love him. The man has principles and integrity. He has always been good for managing the club’s money.

It looks like he has begun to throw caution to the wind. It is so un-Wenger like to do that. His willingness to spend on overpriced players leads us to wonder if he knows that he won’t be there next summer and he can spend as much as likes for his last hurrah.

We know the market is crazy when Higuain goes for around £80m and Pogba for a possible £100m+. Arsenal does not need to be one of those teams throwing money out the window. After all, three players have already been signed.

Remember last Summer? No outfield player was bought and it brought an excellent dividend with a second place finish thanks to a very settled squad. Hopefully, Wenger will come back to reality and buy his usual cheap quality players, like Asano or Holding, and stop that overspending nonsense.