Wissam Ben Yedder is set to sign for Sevilla very soon – were Arsenal ever really interested or were we just a tool to drive up his price?

When the news broke that Arsenal could be about to sign the Toulouse striker, something a little odd that was included in the reports was that Sevilla might sign him instead. It was just a bit random and out of the blue. It made it look as if we were just being used as a pawn to drive up his price by making him seem more valuable than he perhaps is.

Sure enough, L’Equipe are claiming that Sevilla have agreed a €9m fee and the transfer will go through any day now.

The Ben Yedder story was one of those strange ones where it was so left field that it could have been true. However, at the time, we did mention that it was unlikely.

At the moment, I still think we have our sights set on Alexandre Lacazette.