Arsenal’s apparent firm stance over Wojceich Szczesny is being blamed for holding up a deal as parts of the media look to apply pressure to the club in order to get them to lower their demands.

The story, which appeared on Wednesday, claimed that Arsenal would not move on the price they are demanding for the loan of their international keeper for a second season.

Roma are said to be in a rush to complete the transfer as they want it done before they head into pre-season on tour to the States.

I’m not entirely sure why this is an issue. Clubs refuse to move on fees all at the time and it’s described as ‘holding firm’. Arsenal do it and they’re being difficult.

They really can’t win when it comes to transfers. The overriding impression is that they tend to be rubbish at closing deals which is not actually true at all. Now this.

The Polish press are also reporting that Roma could turn to Łukasz Skorupski, their own Polish keeper who spent last season on loan with Empoli.

If I was cynical, I’d say this is just more speculation aimed at pressuring the club and the player into making a decision before they are ready to do so.

But that’s just me.

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