Arsenal are apparently preparing a bid of £15m for former Manchester United centre back, Jonny Evans.

I know, I know.

With the club already looking for a central defender before Per Mertesacker Arsenal’d his knee, some in the media believe the club are so desperate they would stoop this low.

I suppose Arsenal did once pay actual cash money for Mikael Silvestre.

Regardless, Arsenal, as you know, are a very secret club. So keeping that in mind, it seems odd to me that so many papers and websites seem to be aware of all these bids the club are ‘preparing’.

It’s easy to say Arsenal are ‘preparing’ anything. You don’t have to do any actual work, reporting or investigating, and when it all comes to nothing, because the people who prepare Arsenal’s bids don’t general going around telling the tabloids about them, the ‘reporters’ can just say ‘hey, things happen, can’t prove it.’

That is, of course, when they even acknowledge they got something wrong which is a rarer sight than Donald Trump volunteering at a shelter for homeless Mexicans.

I am preparing to call this what it is – bull. It’s an old rumour wheeled out because things have gone a little quiet. It wasn’t true then and I’d bet 50 Pokemon Pokes (I don’t even know what they are) it’s not true now.