Alexis Sanchez has confirmed that he still has a problem with his ankle after the horrific tackle in the Copa America final, but he can walk on it, so that’s all good, right?

“It’s still a little swollen, but improving. I can walk, I cannot make sudden movements, but [it’s] much better. I’m doing therapy in Santiago,” he told MundoDeportivo who got it from the Chilean edition of El Mercurio.

Many websites have already ruled Alexis out for the start of the season but we’re a long way from that just yet. While it’s certainly not encouraging that he’s restricted in how he can move, that’s no real surprise when you remember how badly injured he was in the first place.

I’d be confident that he will be fit to face Liverpool on the opening day unless something unforeseen happens.

This all might lead you to believe that he’s resting while in Chile, but of course that would be daft. He’s already organised and financed a football tournament for kids which took place in his home town of Tocopila. Posing for photos and handing out footballs, Alexis called on young people to ‘enjoy football’ and to avoid getting involved with ‘bad things, like alcohol.’

Alexis was also asked about Messi’s international retirement. The Barca man threw a strop when he lost yet another final with Argentina (to Alexis’ Chile). Alexis said Messi was ‘entitled‘ to do it if he wanted, and added, “It’s his right [to retire]. I am happy to have played with him.”