It’s been less than a month since the season ended, and we already know how the new one will look.

Well, at least roughly, you never know what the mighty television companies will change.

I won’t narrate the whole season but will try to give my thoughts about it.

We start with a bang, hosting Liverpool at the Emirates stadium – 18th season we’re opening at home. After that we have a trip to reigning champions, Leicester City.

Will their main man be wearing red and white? Who knows, maybe he will still be thinking about it!

It’s very silly to say if the season will be hard from the fixture list or if the fixtures are harder or easier for certain teams. But, being a football fan, I have to moan a bit about some runs we have here.

Tottenham and Man United back-to-back in November already smells of fun #sarcasm, but the final four games look really scary at the moment – Tottenham, United, Stoke, Everton, what an ending to a season!

Of course, it won’t look as bad when we win the league at WHL and United and Jose Mourinho give us a guard of honour in next match.

In the infograph, I added some dates for other competitions that are known right now.

The FA Cup dates won’t be known for a while, but we will start the campaign in January, while Capital One Cup starts in September. Hopefully it won’t end like last season.

Champions League dates are already defined and I noted the important draws. Naturally, there will be international breaks, this time involving 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and we always have many players involved in those.

I’ll be, of course, doing printables and wallpapers for the fixtures list after all this EURO madness ends, so you can be prepared for the new season.

I will also continue doing monthly wallpapers throughout the season.