The Euro madness started and we have 10 players (and a few transfer targets) to watch.

If you plan to watch all matches with Arsenal players involved, that’s a lot of them in the group stage, and I’m sure not all will be nerve-wracking or intense. So, let’s have some fun!

For this week’s graphic, I decided to come up with this little Bingo card, based on Arsenal player clichés. It has fields for all Arsenal players and for transfer targets, so it should be fun enough for you!

If I posted it on first day of the tournament, we’d already have some spaces filled, with Giroud and Koscielny doing what they usually do. But there’s still a lot of games to be played, so I’m sure you can fill it up even more than once. Who says the fun should end at one Bingo?

Anyway, feel free to tweet us to tell us how you like it and how you’re doing.

If there are more suggestions for Bingo fields, I might make a new one next week!