On Thursday afternoon there were reports everywhere that Mesut Ozil was refusing to discuss a new contract with Arsenal.


Except that’s not really what’s going on at all.

The German, who has two years left on his current deal, has always said that he will discuss his future after the Euros and his most recent comments don’t tell us anything new or different.

Headlines such as ‘Arsenal concerned over Ozil contract but confident he’ll sign’ do nothing but cover all the bases. If he signs – we told you Arsenal were confident! If he doesn’t? We told you they were concerned.

But that example was one of the tamer headlines around.

The Daily Star went with ‘Arsenal rocked as midfield star postpones talks…again!’

They claim that Ozil has ‘snubbed’ Arsenal, by saying he won’t discuss his future until after the Euros, yet the club were confident enough to use him in their promos for their new kit.

Also, we brought you reports two weeks ago of Ozil saying he’d discuss things after the tournament.

Why is that suddenly spectacular news now?

Because there’s not much going on, that’s why.

Much like this story, really.

[UPDATE: Just after I’d written this, Sky Sports News reported that their ‘sources’ were saying that there was no truth in the rumours that Ozil was delaying talks, and that he was happy at Arsenal. Shocker]