Amid reports that he’s stalling on a new deal with his eyes trained elsewhere, Mesut Ozil took time out from his international duties to hail Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

Going against the panic that many media outlets would like to instil in you, Ozil spoke of the club and his manager with affection. His comments certainly do not sound like those of a man thinking of the door.

“At Arsenal, Arsène Wenger has shown that he is one of the best managers in history,” Ozil told France Football. “He has revolutionised the club and created magnificent success. I am proud and aware of the luxury I have of working for such a coach.

“His simple discourse immediately seduced me when I was asking questions about my future in the summer of 2013. He chose the perfect words to convince me. The great strength that Wenger has is he knows how to talk to his players.

“On the pitch, I am always enjoying myself. I am lucky to play in the best league in the world and to be a certain starter at one of the best English clubs. “

Since Ozil arrived at Arsenal as our first mega signing in this new cash-rich world of football he has either been heavily criticised or linked with a move away from the club.

He’s either been not good enough for Arsenal or too good and should move, an indication of how the majority of the mainstream press deal only in absolutes which are as changeable as the weather.

Ozil was voted Player of the Year by Arsenal fans. They watch him week in, week out and see more than just cobbled together MOTD highlights.

These sentiments make us happy but don’t expect them to get in the way of whatever narrative those in the media are currently working with.