It has not gone unnoticed that Leicester have won a lot of penalties this season and Arsenal have not.

Of course, it’s easy to automatically think that Leicester would not have won the league without the help of the enormous number of spot kicks (we’ll not talk about how they won  them) but that’s not the case.

Their penalties had less of an effect on their overall league position than you would expect. Although their pens still won Leicester more points than any other side, it gained them zero positions.

Watford run Leicester close with the percentage of their goals that came from penalties. 14.7% of their goals have come from the spot, five penalties in all that have won them two points, but a whopping three places. That makes them the biggest movers of all.

Stoke come in fourth for the percentage of goals they claimed from the spot, another sure nod to the changing football on display by the Potters under Mark Hughes. Even so, despite 10% of their goals coming from penalties this season, it only helped them to one extra point.

At the time of writing, however, that extra point is worth an extra place.

Liverpool and Man City are both four points better off because of their penalties, but the Scouser’s points don’t translate into places. For City, penalties have moved them up two into fourth.

Arsenal, on the other hand, might have done a lot better had they been awarded even half of the stonewallers they’ve been denied this season. They received only one penalty all season – one of just three sides to receive only a single spot kick (Norwich and West Brom the others, you know, two sides that are known for playing in and around the box a lot).

It won them no points nor moved them any places.

Yes, I know. Moan, moan, moan.

Here’s a roundup of the number of penalties given this season, what percentage of total goals in the league they make up and how many points and positions those penalties have won (both penalties for and against are used):