Another lead surrendered on Sunday, Arsenal fans met the 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace with muted disappointment.

Some flaws in the side have just become so common that they aren’t even considered worth complaining about anymore as ambivalence surrounds the Emirates Stadium. There was once frustration and disappointment but many fans now just seem to accept that they’re going to be let down.

Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger faced the press after the game and took responsibility for the result before accepting that, at the end of the season, things will have to be reviewed.

“I’m responsible for the result and I think I’m the first person who is frustrated,” the Frenchman said in his post-match press conference.

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Arsène Wenger has taken responsibility for Sunday’s disappointing result. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

“I can say that at the moment, we will make complete balance at the end of the season and see where we stand. At the moment it is about being together and giving our best until the end of the season.”

Arsenal need to fend off one of Manchester United and Manchester City to confirm Champions League football for next season. Finishing in the top four should have been a formality this season but it looks like the Gunners have allowed themselves to be dragged into a race for points.

Wenger has already said he will be staying at Arsenal next season but, if the Gunners did finish fifth, there is just a small chance he could change his mind. Hopefully we don’t have to find out.