Jack Wilshere has used his time out of the side with injury to win a complaint brought by his neighbour, although it all involved him doing very little.

The midfielder had installed 18ft netting his garden, something his neighbour said was a ‘monstrosity’.

The neighbour complained to St Albans City and District Council that their views were being ruined by the nets which had been erected to stop wayward balls flying into the neighbours gardens.

Wilshere said the nets were for him, not his kids, despite the obvious flaw in his defence – that he hasn’t kicked a ball all season.

PAY Jack Wilshere house in Harpenden
Worth complaining over?

One neighbour who went unnamed in the Mirror, said  “He can’t be very good at scoring if he needs so much netting to stop balls flying everywhere.

“We believe he should have had planning permission before putting up such a huge monstrosity.”

In a letter to the council, it was also added that  “In windy conditions we fear it might keel over and damage our property. It also makes an annoying noise.”

England's midfielder Jack Wilshere attends a press conference following a team training session at London Colney, north of London, on June 11, 2015, ahead of their UEFA Euro 2016 Group E qualifying football match againt Slovenia in Ljubljana on June 14, 2015. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL
We are not amused AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL

Wilshere was then visited by the council who informed him that he was not in breach of any planning regulations. Head of planning and building control, Tracy Harvey, added “We have carried out an investigation including a site visit. After weighing up all the factors, we have decided not to take any further action.”

One neighbour, an Arsenal fan, told the Mirror that the ones complaining were probably Spurs fans.

Difficult to disagree with that assessment.