Arsene Wenger’s tenure of 233 months as Arsenal boss is unrivalled across Europe with most managers not lasting more than 14.5 months in the Premier League.

Wenger is a clear outlier in the modern game, the last of his kind when you consider than the average length of managers across the top five European leagues doesn’t even top 16 months (Lique 1).

Serie A is the least secure place to be a manager these days with terms averaging out at around nine months.

In the Premier League, you have to wonder how much Wenger’s 233 months skews the results. The next longest serving manager in the world’s most profitable league is Eddie Howe who has been at the Bournemouth helm for 41 months. After him it’s Mark Hughes at Stoke (34), Roberto Martinez at Everton (33) and Manuel Pellegrini at City (33) but we all know he’s only got another few in him.

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