Ray Wilkins believes that Theo Walcott should leave Arsenal, a sentiment that you won’t find many fans disagreeing with at present.

The thing is, in his statement, Wilkins has demonstrated that he hasn’t actually got a clue about Walcott’s Arsenal career.

“I think Theo has had a nasty injury [this season] with the cruciate problem,” said Wilkins.

“But if you look, he has been there 10 years now, and played 225 or 226 games, that’s not enough.

“You know, I think it’s time now maybe that Theo moves on – I think he has to play. 

“He’s not playing enough, nowhere near enough, and he doesn’t get selected at Arsenal.

“I think a move could be on the cards now. Time to move on, time to start playing some football if he hopes to get where we think he can get.”

If Wilkins is making his assessment solely on the number of games Walcott has played, then he has got things very wrong.

Walcott’s low appearance numbers are because he has had significantly more injuries than just a cruciate.

He may well be benched at the minute, but before this season, when Theo was fit, Theo played.

He just wasn’t very fit very often yet Wilkins thinks that Theo has only played an average of 22 or 23 games a season because Wenger doesn’t pick him.

These are the people who are supposed to be experts. The ones who get paid for their opinions.

Should Walcott leave? Possibly.

Should he leave because he’s not being picked? It’s only been a few games, aren’t we supposed to encourage players to fight for their places?