It’s hard to know what to say after watching Arsenal lose at home to Swansea.

It’s not a lack of effort. There are a decent number of very good players there. But Wenger appears to have completely lost any ability to get the team back on track when the pressure bites.

So we missed chances. So both their goals came from refereeing errors. So we had a couple of half-decent penalty shouts. This can all happen, and after 70 mins we could have felt hard done by.

But the period from then until the end was so, so poor.

Neither the players (bar perhaps Ozil) or the manager show any composure when the chips are down. Both substitutions were spectacularly counter-productive, mindless hope jobs.

No plan. No change of approach. Just the same, the same, the same, but more up front.

When you see how these players CAN play (against Bayern at home for example, or vs Utd at home or vs City), it’s bewildering.

On the whole, game from game until before the match against Hull, I’d have said that most weeks the manager’s tactics and substitutions have been an improvement on previous years, but since then, the lack of courage and intelligent thought has been staggering.

The crowd are no longer willing or able to lift the team unless there is some injustice to rail against, because it’s been the same for so long, and basically the fans have lost the faith.

Regardless of his ability, its time for the manager to go for that reason alone.

If as a fan you lose hope for the expectation level that should be within your grasp, then it gets to what’s the point time.

I’ve defended Arsene to the hilt from 2004-2014 as he was facing obstacles that did stack the chips against him, and kept us at the top table despite turning a profit year after year and his stars leaving for bigger wages (or occasionally bigger clubs).

But now he’s got a good squad, a pot of cash and all the other big clubs shooting themselves in the foot, and yet the team still has no composure or control under pressure.

To lose that game, in this situation from 1-0 up with the players available is a bridge too far.

The only way this can be redeemed is if we win a third cup in a row and beat Spurs this weekend to screw their title chance. Looking at performances, the confidence in the team and the fans ire, this could get ugly quickly.

Looking at performances, the confidence in the team and the fans ire, this could get ugly quickly.