It’s not good.

The game against Swansea was a double must-win after losing the must-win match against Manchester United at the weekend.

Next up on the horizon is a trip to Tottenham and we go there without Petr Cech, who has a groin/calf injury and Laurent Koscielny who’s out with his calf.

Our front line are all suffering the worst possible run of form with Alexis and Olivier Giroud seemingly allergic to hitting the back of the net while Santi Cazorla’s absence has never been more keenly felt.

If you think things are bad, that Arsenal are in terrible shape ahead of the north London derby, you’d be right.

But did you realise how bad, because I didn’t.

Arsenal have won just FOUR Premier League games since Christmas day.



In that time, they’ve played 11 league games. They’ve lost to Southampton, Chelsea, United and Swansea. Their only wins have come against Bournemouth, who thankfully they played twice, Newcastle and Leicester.

Think about that for a minute.

They’ve also failed to beat Hull in the cup as well as Southampton in the league, Stoke, and Liverpool.

Thank goodness we got Sunderland and Burnley in the cup early on.

And what of this amazing squad, the one that is supposed to be the best Arsene Wenger has ever had?

Don’t worry, we’ll calm down soon. But right now we’re simply too furious to not get irrational about everything.