To the shock of absolutely no-one, the Arsenal board have given their 100% support to Arsene Wenger.

So says a report in the Mirror.

Coming under more and more pressure from fans (this is the first time on this site we’ve more-or-less agreed that it’s time), the board still maintain that Wenger will get to decide when he leaves the club.

As Lewis discusses here at length and in detail, it’s not something we want to be saying, but it’s hard to argue against the facts – the board have no-one with footballing knowledge, able to make this call.

The Mirror don’t give any quotes or hint at any sources, but these things, as much as we like to think they do, rarely come out of thin air.

The board will be more than aware of the calls for Wenger’s head and will have had a word ‘off the record’.

None of this should surprise anyone.

They were always going to let him see out his contract if he wanted.

Can he turn it around? Even though our hearts cry ‘YES!’ Recent experience, sadly, tells us no.