Is there a hotter topic around right now than Zlatan Ibrahimović?

Of course there is, but none of the others are quite as much fun to talk about so we decided to take a little time out and have a look at the player who has fans across the globe from all clubs begging their managers to sign him in the summer.

He’s a player who has long been linked with Arsenal, especially since his famous ‘Zlatan doesn’t do trials’ quote which he allegedly said when Arsenal asked him to do just that. He didn’t actually say it, one of his entourage did, but the myth endures.

Much like the man himself.

Coming up on the site we have an epic piece detailing why Arsenal should do all they can to sign him – Matthew found eight compelling reasons to snap him up.

But we also wanted to see what Arsenal fans though of the idea, so we ran a Twitter poll to see what our followers fancied.

Turns out, they’d quite fancy a Swede.

Better than a turnip, I’m sure you’d agree.

The majority said sign him up.

Well, Arsene?