Petr Cech was interviewed by former Nantes goalkeeper Michael Landreau for Canal Plus France, here are the best bits of the interview

Asked how he felt after his first eight months at Arsenal:

I think I made the right choice, I had to make a choice between upsetting a few supporters at Chelsea or making a choice that would make me happy. After spending 10 years at Chelsea and being loyal to the club, I for once made a choice to focus on myself.

Asked about the West ham game season opener where he made a mistake while there were a lot of expectations on him:

After the game, I wanted to show everyone that it was an accident: when you spill your glass, well it is on the floor, that’s it. I am not someone who will spend time looking at it and being distraught because I spilled the water. I will take a sponge and clean the mess.

Asked why the Premier League is the most difficult league for goalkeepers and how he managed to last such a long time at top club and performing so well:

In big clubs there were always other keepers ready to play if they were given a chance. So it was a competition every day to make sure I would not end up on the bench. Small details can make a big difference.

Asked what was  important to him in the dressing room and in training:

When I am training I like when people are serious, they give 100%, the intensity must be at the right level. You have to train as you would play in during the game. It helps and improve everybody in the team. I also like to work in a pleasant atmosphere as well.

What are his views on the Arsene Wenger and his project with the Arsenal? Landreau says Wenger sleeps a lot better since Cech has arrived at the club:

I don’t know you should ask him, when I met him, he explained how things were working and organised at the club and I liked what he told me.

Did he expect to be competing for the title so quickly:

I knew the team had the potential to be a contender but we had to be able to be consistent and not drop points and lose games. This season is really a tough one, because we have to be at 100% or anything can happen.

How does it feel about the big game against United?

We knew that the Leicester game was extremely important for us. That last minute in the game has totally changed the scenario of the title race. We have to keep the momentum from the last minute goal and carry on from there.

The game is really important because United are trying to get into the top 4 places while we are in the title race.

Landreau asked what Petr would do when he retires?

I would ask Canal Plus to replace a former goalkeeper, it is difficult to imagine what I would do. I would like to be a coach (gk coach?) no, main coach/manager, if I get sacked it has to be my fault not because of another guy’s failure

I would like to be a manager, to organise everything in training, see if my philosophy could work and give it to the team.

I know I could be a goalkeeper coach, I feel I am better suited to be a manager/coach. I hope I still have another three years performing at the highest level, something that I really enjoy doing.