Jack Wilshere has reportedly sold his north London house amid more rumours that he could be off to Manchester City.

The midfielder, who’s currently injured, has been linked with the Blues for a couple of seasons now and at first, most Gooners, including myself, waved off the rumours as nothing but nonsense. No one could imagine the player who was brought up in the Arsenal academy jumping ship to our rivals, especially after seeing the drama caused by Robin van Persie’s move.

However, it’s tough times for Jack. His career at Arsenal has been blighted by serious injuries and it’s beginning to look as if he’s completely broken. The promise he once showed as a youngster is now nothing but a memory.

Not to mention, upon his return to the current Arsenal side, which at this rate won’t be until about 2020, he faces stiff competition.

With this in mind, he could favour a move and perhaps try his luck elsewhere. If reports are to be believed he’s sold his house and isn’t looking for another in the same area. Could he be viewing this as a chance at a fresh start?

No one wants to see Jack go, especially to a rival, but, as harsh as this sounds, do we have any use for him?