Arsene Wenger believes there are far more positives than negatives to be taken from Arsenal’s 3-3 draw against Liverpool.

The boss spoke post-match about how although he’s frustrated not to win, especially in the manner we did, conceding in the final minute, the performance and result should strengthen the team’s resolve.

“They need to transform the frustration they have in the dressing room at the moment to even more motivation for the next game,” Wenger said.

“There is a lot of positives in the game and there is more positives than negatives in the game. I think what happened tonight should strengthen their belief that they have a big part to play in this league.”

As usual, he’s got a point. On the face of it, the fact that we lost out on all three points thanks (but no thanks) to a Joe Allen goal in the final minute seems bad and of course it’s disappointing. However, many are forgetting how strong Liverpool started – we could have been two or three goals down within minutes but not only did we fight back, we took the lead at an incredibly difficult ground to visit.

A draw away at Liverpool, objectively, is not a bad result at all, especially considering some of our squad played an FA Cup match just days earlier. We’re still top of the league and looking strong. We have players to return and Elneny on his way in – we’re in a good position.