Although Arsenal managed to crawl to a close 1-0 victory against Newcastle, it was far from easy and we looked incredibly tired.

After the match, Arsene Wenger admitted that our legs had indeed gone.

“Our legs were a bit gone today,” he said.

“We were tested today against a good Newcastle side.”

We have had some tough matches recently; a win over Man City, a tough loss to Southampton and a fight-back match against Bournemouth aren’t easy fixtures. However, other teams have been involved in the same amount and for Newcastle to completely overrun us in midfield isn’t good enough. Although they’re fighting relegation, we should have been ready.

This is usually where squad rotation comes in handy but since half of our bloomin’ team are out injured, it’s a bit difficult. It makes me worry about Ozil, who is surely in need of a decent rest.

No matter how you look at it, a win for a fantastic result today. Hopefully we can go, regroup, rest and come back stronger.