Mesut Ozil has won yet another award.

This time it’s the Germany national team’s player of the year 2015, which is absolutely massive.

The playmaker has been nothing short of unreal so far for us this season. He’s assisted 16 and scored five, as well as being involved in practically everything we do on the pitch. It’s therefore of no surprised that he’s being honoured.

For his national team, he’s assisted 33 goals in 70 appearances and scored 18, which explains why his ability is now being rewarded.

I’m sure this is only the beginning for Ozil. He’s only 27 and, in theory, this is only just when players begin to hit their prime. Although, to be honest, the idea of him getting any better is frankly scary. The sky’s the limit with this guy and we’re so lucky to be able to witness it all play out in front of our eyes while he wears an Arsenal shirt.