Football Insider are currently reporting that Jack Wilshere has just signed a new contract with Arsenal.

The midfielder, who’s been sidelined this season due to injury, has supposedly signed a contract worth a whopping £31.5m, £110,000 per week, which will take him up to 2021.

The rumour comes amid murmurings that the 24-year-old could be off to Man City after selling his north London home and not looking to buy another in the same area.

Although many Arsenal fans are probably celebrating that we’re getting to keep ‘our boy’ for another few years yet, it’s worth considering whether he actually deserves this shiny new deal or not.

With all due respect to Jack, injuries have completely stalled his career. The progress he was supposed to have made by this stage is just a distant memory and now he spends more time watching from the stands than he does on the pitch. With this in mind, should we really be increasing his wages?

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 26: Jack Wilshere of Arsenal looks on during the Emirates Cup match between Arsenal and VfL Wolfsburg at the Emirates Stadium on July 26, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

Back in the summer, the Daily Star reported that we were willing to double the star’s wages in order to keep him in north London. And considering he was/is on £50,000 a week, this seems to be pretty accurate.

According to Total Sportek, this means Jack will be getting paid more than Petr Cech (£100,000/week), Santi Cazorla (£90,000), Olivier Giroud (£100,000) and puts him level with Walcott, just behind Alexis (£130,000) and Mesut Ozil (£145,000). Of course, it’s likely that these figures are all plucked out of thin air but even if it’s in the same ball park as these players… it doesn’t seem right.