After beating Man City 2-1 at home, Arsene Wenger admitted that Mesut Ozil had a chest infection during the week and therefore, didn’t have time to even prepare for the game.

Despite being ill this week, Ozil still managed two more assists and didn’t show any signs of not being at his best.

“Guys who see make you win,” the boss explained.

“He is much more mature and much more keen to take on responsibility.

“He had a chest infection during the week. For a guy who could not prepare well he has done very well.”

Ozil continues to both impress and surprise in the best way possible. The German has reached a new level of brilliance, which most players could only dream of getting to.

His assist rate is through the roof and people who once doubted him are finally eating their words. We’re finally seeing the Ozil we knew we always had, he just needed that extra bit of time and confidence to really bed in and now he’s seeing the fruits of his labour.

I’m so thankful to have him in our team and I’m sure Wenger is too.