Arsene Wenger has given his backing for video technology to be trialed in the Premier League.

Although the boss admitted it would be difficult to introduce it into certain decisions, such as penalties, which are largely down to opinion, for offside and not offside goals, it could be useful.

“I’ve always been in favour because what you want is as many right decisions as possible,” Wenger said.

“Technology can contribute to that and the next should be goal or not goal and offsides.”

He added, “Penalty decisions yes, that’s less obvious. Sometimes even on television we have different opinions. The offside can be decided because mathematically there is always a solution there.”

The topic of video technology has often been raised recently, especially with its success in the likes of rugby. However, with it comes other issues, for example, will the time taken to check the video be added into extra time or, like in rugby, will the clock be stopped.

Saying this, most of the points raised against it are minor and easily ironed out.

As Wenger pointed out, he’s always been for the introduction of video technology, especially for clear cut decisions, which can be checked in seconds, like offside goals.

Recently Theo Walcott had a goal ruled out as offside against Aston Villa which, on further inspection, wasn’t. Video technology could help prevent these kind of mistakes in future and his stunning goal would have stood.