With neither of Arsenal’s usual Portuguese linkees playing, who could Arsenal have been scouting at the Braga vs Benifica game on Monday night?

Sport Witness have launched an article reporting that Arsenal were on the scouting list at the Braga vs Benifica game earlier this week. But with neither William Carvalho or Ruben Neves playing and with Arsenal being regular attendees at Benifica games this season, who could Arsenal have been there to watch?

There is a lot of talent in the Portuguese leagues at the moment and in general they offer good value in the transfer market so it’s not unusual for Arsenal to be present at a game. But multiple visits this season suggests that someone is on the radar and interestingly it’s someone that is not yet on mainstream Arsenal gossip radar.

Looking at the team lists from the game and knowing where Arsenal are short at the moment quickly leaves a couple of possibilities. Braga’s young left sided Portuguese star Rafa Silva could offer a lot going forward with 4 goals and 5 assists to his name in 16 appearences, whilst Benifica’s Nicolas Gaitan could be a major (and the most well-known) option if it wasn’t for the fact that he primarily plays on the same side as Sanchez (and probably wouldn’t expect to be left on the bench). Or it could be someone completely different!

Wenger is clearly on the hunt for someone – but who is it? What do you think?