According to the Mirror recently, Arsenal were looking into the possibility of bringing Patrick Vieira back to the club, but that won’t be happening now.

The former France international has been named the new manager of New York City FC, a role he will take up in January ahead of the MLS season starting in March. On a three-year deal, it looks dead certain that Vieira won’t be in north London anytime soon.

Vieira had been the reserve manager and Elite Development squad manager at Manchester City and is very much remaining ‘in the family’ with this move, with NYCFC and Manchester City both run by the same people at the very top of the clubs.

Vieira’s move is likely one which is geared towards putting NYCFC on the map, as his first season there will only be their second campaign as an MLS club. It gives him the chance to enter management at a professional level. Whether or not there is a future for him at Manchester City remains to be seen, but they are keeping him very close and this may be seen as the next step on his track to the first team at the Etihad Stadium.

Arsenal already have Thierry Henry on the coaching staff in something of a part-time role, but if they did indeed try they seem to have failed to entice Vieira back to the club too. That ship seems to have sailed now, as he advances his career while keeping a connection to the Citizens.