Apparently Arsenal are looking to bring in Patrick Vieira to assist Arsene Wenger during his remaining time with the Gunners.

Vieira, who is currently coaching at Manchester City, would then, according to reports, have the opportunity to take over from Wenger when the boss leaves.

If this was to happen, Vieira would be yet another Arsenal legend to join the ranks behind the scenes after Thierry Henry took up a coaching role with us recently.

Whether this will actually happen or not, I don’t know. Although the former midfielder is helping at City, he’s not had any real managerial experience, at least not enough to take over at Arsenal. Although shadowing Wenger for a few years would teach him a lot, it’s unlikely that we would allow him to just walk into the role so soon.

Saying this, having another legend at the club would be excellent for the players behind the scenes. Learning what the club is about and how to win would be great for the younger players.