West Brom have confirmed that there will be additional security measures at the game this weekend and have urged fans to get to their seats early.

Speaking to the official Baggies site, Mark Miles, Head of Facility Operations and Development for the club, said “This is all about being sensible and proportionate and ensuring our fans feel that they are in a safe environment,” says Miles.

“All the advice we have received is that it is ‘business as usual’. But owing to these enhanced checks at the entry points for the stadium and the Fanzone, we do urge spectators get there a little earlier.”

Ahead of the game, the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, will be played, an act that will be repeated across all Premier League grounds this week as the league looks to show their solidarity with France.

“Given how close we are as well as the long-standing relationship that exists between the Premier League and France, playing La Marseillaise as an act of solidarity and remembrance is the right thing to do,” Executive Chairman of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore said.

“We were all saddened and deeply shocked by the events in Paris last Friday, and the fact it was an attack on people enjoying their everyday freedoms like going to a bar, a concert or a football match resonates with football fans and the general public throughout the UK.”