Arsene Wenger had a lot to say about Mesut Ozil following yet another sublime performance in the Premier League against Everton.

The playmaker appears to have really come into his own over the last few games. Of course, he’s always been amazing but recently his confidence has blossomed and he’s having shots he never would have attempted this time last season.

The German is looking as if he’s loving his football right now and we’re so privileged to see it.

As Wenger said after our 2-1 win against Everton: “If you love to watch football, you love to watch Ozil.”

The boss was also eager to praise Ozil’s team mentality. He’s always trying to help the team and not be selfish. However, before, he was sometimes too unselfish, passing the ball rather than shooting when he had a clear cut chance. Now, he appears to have banished that uncertainty he had in front of goal.

“It is a combination of quality of the touch, intelligence and team attitude,” Wenger said.

“He is a real team player, I said that yesterday in the press conference. He puts his talent at the service of the team and he wants to help the team with everything he does. That makes him efficient.”

Ozil has scored twice so far this season, with one of these coming against Bayern Munich, and although the tally may not be as high as that of Alexis, Giroud or Walcott, he’s definitely showing signs of improvement.