Mesut Ozil has faced some unnecessary criticism since joining Arsenal and it appears now many are eating their words – Thierry Henry included.

The German’s £42.5m price tag was always going to mean the playmaker would come under harsh scrutiny but the majority of Gooners were never anything but supportive. We recognised what he did for the team and how we played with him on the pitch.

Of course, he had bad games, just like any other footballer, but labels such as ‘lazy’ were completely untrue and uncalled for.

The majority of these labels came from pundits, who are now being forced to change their tune and admit that the German is just a little bit good.

Henry spoke after our 2-1 win over Everton, which Ozil was fantastic during, and claimed he believes the midfielder has finally ‘woken up’ this season.

“He did exactly what the game was asking him to do – when he needed to slow it down, he did, when he needed to press forward, he did,” the Arsenal legend said.

“He is an amazing player, a World Cup winner, and you have to give him credit because I think this year he has woken up. Sometimes you have to say when it is bad, it is bad. At the moment he is on point, and it’s not a coincidence that Arsenal are top of the league as it stands.”

Although Henry’s insinuation that Ozil wasn’t performing until recently is not only harsh but false, it is evident that in recent games he’s kicked things up a gear and is playing with far more confidence.

That’s right Mesut, make them all eat their words.