Despite Louis van Gaal singing our praises before the clash between Arsenal and Manchester United, the Red Devils’ boss has admitted that he believes his side will win at the Emirates on Sunday.

Van Gaal has been talking Arsenal up a storm before the match on Sunday, saying how we’re the best in the league, Wenger’s so great, yada yada yada. However, between wallpapering his bedroom with images of the Invincibles, he’s also admitted that, shockingly, he does actually think his team will beat us.

“I think you have to believe always in this [ability to win the title],” Van Gaal said. “And I think the balance in our selection is much better than last year and last year we also had the chance.

“So I believe in that, but the most important thing is not only that I believe, but that the players are believing in that

“And when we win at Arsenal, then the belief shall raise a lot, I believe.”

‘When’, not ‘if’, eh?

United have been annoying consistent this season. They may not be playing the prettiest football but they’re pulling the results out the bag when they need them and they currently sit second in the league after City beat Newcastle 6-1 on Saturday.

It won’t be an easy match for us by any stretch and after the 3-2 loss to Olympiacos on Tuesday, fans will be feeling decidedly edgy going into Sunday’s match.