According to the Times, after United lost 3-0 to Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday, the Red Devils’ players aren’t altogether happy with their manager, Louis van Gaal.

Apparently, the tactics which the Dutchman adopted, which included pressing with their older, slower men too high up the pitch, frustrated the United players. In the past, their counter-attacking football against us has paid off so there’s confusion over why the boss didn’t do the same this time.

Whether the rumours of unrest are just standard grumblings from players about losing to their title rivals or genuine questioning of the manager’s tactics remains to be seen.

It is evident that Van Gaal doesn’t command the same respect that Sir Alex Ferguson did and therefore, if United continue to not get results after this blip, louder questions may begin to be asked.

However, the United boss has promised he’s leaving in 2016 so maybe they’ll just see his contract out.