Arsène Wenger outdid Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola at the Emirates Stadium last week and will have the chance to do so again at the Allianz Arena next week.

But will the Spaniard ultimately end up in Wenger’s seat in London? The former Barcelona manager is stalling on new contract talks in Munich, and could have the Premier League in his sights.

“I think eventually he will come,” Arsenal legend Thierry Henry told Sky Sports News. “He’s a competitor, he will want to win a title in every league possible.

“It will suit him, being here in the Premier League. He’s a great guy, [and he has a] great view of the game. He’s one or two steps ahead, he’s in control of everything, the way he loves the game is second to none.”

Sound similar to someone else’s arrival in north London? Arsenal clearly aren’t the only club that he could join, and it would very much depend on when Arsène Wenger plans to retire.

However, there’s no doubt appointing Guardiola would excite Henry.

“He is one of the best managers I’ve ever had,” the former striker said. “One thing that strikes me with him that you don’t see, he’s one of those guys who’s very demanding and [the] discipline that he has is on point. You need that amount of discipline to perform on and off the field.

“He already speaks English, by the way… maybe that’s one thing that tells us he will come sooner rather than later.”

Guardiola is clearly an incredibly intelligent manager, but will he leave Bayern in the near future and would he leave for Arsenal?

Far stranger things have happened and you would imagine he will be on a small shortlist to replace Wenger. Nonetheless the 44-year-old, for now at least, remains the opposition.