Arsenal fans across the globe were left scratching their heads as the team news was announced on Saturday ahead of the game against Watford.

We all knew that Laurent Koscielny should come back but would Gabriel keep his place?

Well, no, because he has undergone a ‘minor operation’.


Of course, the club had not mentioned anything about this at either the press conference or the AGM that took place this week and there was absolutely no other information regarding what is actually going on, leaving Arsenal fans to speculate.

From their predictions, it was clear to see that many think the Brazilian will never be seen again.

Always a possibility with Arsenal.

It’s worth noting that, as we got no information at the time, it was easy to leap to all the wrong conclusions and indulge in some catastrophising, but the ‘minor operation’ could have been something as simple as wisdom teeth removal which hardly seems like it needs much of an update and shouldn’t rule him out for the game on Tuesday night against Bayern.

In fact, speaking after the game against Watford, the boss said as much. “He should be available for Tuesday”, Wenger told reporters.

“He had a good training session before we left at our training ground and he looks alright.”

Save your panicking for another time.

This is Arsenal, you know a good panic will never go to waste.