Following Arsenal’s 2-1 loss away to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League, midfielder Arijan Ademi has tested positive for doping.

An official statement via the Croatian club’s website details the investigation. However, the club itself are currently unable to comment on the situation.

Translated by the ever-reliable Google Translate, their statement is as follows:

“We are familiar with the results of the doping control after the match the first rounds of the Champions League against Arsenal and that is our player Arijan Ademi was positive, and he has been the UEFA opened a procedure.

“According to the rules of UEFA GNK Dinamo can not comment on the duration of the disciplinary proceedings and until it is finished finding B control.

“Our players are the years after European and league games regularly subjected todoping controls and never something like this has happened so that we have to say that we are surprised by this result. Arijan Ademi was tested six times in the last yearand each time the findings were negative . Also players of the season several times tested by UEFA and the Croatian Anti-Doping Agency , and are all located always been negative.”

So what does this mean for Arsenal?

Unfortunately, according to Art. 12 of the UEFA Anti-Doping Regulations, the team as a whole won’t face any sort of repercussions unless there’s a couple of players who test positive. Therefore, any hope of the points being handed over to us is non-existent.