Calum Chambers has been talking to about being a role model and how he hopes to improve and might have inadvertently admitted that Gabriel understands more English than we’ve been lead to believe.

The Brazilian arrived at the club in January speaking not a word of the language and it was claimed that, when he was sent off against Chelsea for being in the vicinity of  Diego Costa, that the lack of players on the pitch who could speak the same language as him might have contributed to the problem of calming him down.

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[photo IBTimes]
However, it would seem very unlikely that after ten months in the country that he hasn’t at least got to grips with the basics of the language and, if Chambers’ comments can be taken at face value, it would seem that he has indeed.

“I speak to Per a lot,” Chambers said. “Per is always there to help me out. In training if I ever need someone or I’m a bit confused I ask Per, Koscienly or Gabriel what they would do. 

“They always tell me what they would do and it is good to learn from as they are top quality players.”

Gabriel also seems like the type of chap who would take extra lessons to get himself up to a level where he understands what’s going on so I’m going to believe Calum on this and say Anida bem!