The English clubs had a tough time during their opening fixtures of the Champions League.

Manchester United were beaten 2-1 away to PSV, Manchester City lost 2-1 to Juventus and, obviously, Arsenal produced a lacklustre display against Dinamo Zagreb, also losing 2-1.

After our loss to the Croatian team, Arsene Wenger disagreed that these are worrying times for English football in the Champions League and instead revealed that he believes it’s too early to start making snap judgments.

“It’s too early,” the boss said. “It’s the first game. Let’s see where we stand after six games. It’s too early to get any conclusion.

“Tonight was a special circumstance. We had a lot of the ball, Zagreb gave absolutely everything and once we went 2-0 down it was a very difficult game with 10 against 11. Let’s see where we stand after six games. Then we can draw conclusions.”

Since Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012, the Premier League teams’ position in Europe has become fragile.

Manchester City, who have finally found themselves in a position where they should be able to compete with Europe’s finest, have found themselves severely lacking when it comes to playing large teams. United’s quality dropped after Sir Alex Ferguson left. And Arsenal, well we seem to love progressing from the group stages, just to get knocked out by Bayern Munich after a gut-clenching home defeat and close-but-no-cigar away win.

The strength of our league, despite it being competitive, began to be questioned long ago and the opening fixtures of this season’s Champions League will only fuel these.

Technically, Wenger’s right, it is too early, but realistically, we shouldn’t leave it too late to start worrying.