Arsenal’s financial results for 2014/15 have been released, and they look good.

People will no doubt be miffed at the club having a great deal of money after the club only signed Petr Čech for the senior side in the summer, but good finances can never be a bad thing.

A new deal with PUMA started in the summer of 2014 and is a huge reason the club’s turnover has increased. After years of trailing behind Manchester United, Arsenal are finally striking good deals with commercial partners off the pitch. High ticket prices obviously help, and the club had heavily relied on matchday revenue (tickets and merchandise) more heavily than any other top club in Europe. This is why the improvement of commercial deals is absolutely vital and, for the first time, commercial revenue surpassed the money that comes in from matchdays. Broadcasting revenue also overtook matchday revenue over the course of the last financial year.

The summer saw far more investment in youth players, as the club looks to continue developing players from a young age to stay ahead of the game. With the new broadcasting deal in the Premier League every club will have a lot of money and the competition for players will be fiercer than ever, so producing as many quality players as possible will be crucial to save costs elsewhere.

Arsenal have to compete with the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United and it is clear that all three of those clubs can still offer bigger wage packets than the Gunners. However, the cost of wages has still gone up with an increasing number of established big money being brought into the club. When you consider the huge amounts spent on wages over a long term contract, the club really doesn’t have an endless pile of money to call on.

Success on the pitch is the most vital thing and these new results show we are in a very strong position to deliver that. Whether or not you think more money should have been spent in the summer, these results are incredibly encouraging as we look forward.