José Mourinho has a good record against Arsenal, and he loves reminding people of it.

August’s Community Shield defeat at Wembley was Mourinho’s first to Arsène Wenger. It’s a record he often appears to pride himself on and it seems nothing has changed ahead of Saturday’s Premier League game between the two sides.

In a press conference on Friday, Mourinho played down the importance of his record against the Gunner…before going on to quote it.

He really is, to be completely honest,absolutely ridiculous. If it doesn’t matter you clearly wouldn’t quote the record and then point out that our win comes in the Community Shield.

The Chelsea boss has faced plenty of criticism in recent weeks as the champions have won just one of their opening five Premier League games. As expected, he asserts that the results are due to everything conspiring against him and his team rather than conceding that his side has been awful. Which they have. The fact remains that Arsenal haven’t beaten Mourinho in the Premier League and, through the last decade, have a poor record at Stamford Bridge. Hopefully the Gunners improve upon it somewhat this weekend and start to set the record straight.

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