The English media are renowned for their embarrassing brown-nosing of Jose Mourinho but failing to confront the Chelsea manager over Diego Costa’s behaviour has to take the cake.

Diego Costa is a nasty piece of work, that much we already know, and Mourinho isn’t much better. Despite this, the media seem to lap up his pointless anecdotes and blatant diversions regardless.

However, after manhandling Laurent Kocielny, only to get Gabriel sent off in the first half at Stamford Bridge, you’d think even the most die-hard Mourinho fan would have a thing or two to say to the manager.

So after the match, which Chelsea inevitably ended up winning 2-0 after Santi Cazorla also saw red, it’d be safe to assume someone – anyone – would bring up the most controversial and pivotal moment of the entire game.


Not a peep.

None of the press questioned whether Costa should face retrospective punishment for his behaviour.

A bunch of cowards, the lot of them.

I’m probably being too harsh here; they probably had far more pressing questions to ask regarding the managers shaking hands(!).

Good grief.