Just in case everyone didn’t despise Diego Costa enough, the man proved us wrong and Arsene Wenger is livid.

Gooners everywhere predicted that Costa would be out to wind up Gabriel; it was just a matter of time before one – or both – got sent off. However, no one could have predicted the manner in which the forward would get the Brazilian red carded.

In the final portion of the first half, Costa lent back onto Koscielny, not only smothering his face with his hands but then following through with his other arm, catching the defender square in the face. Costa then pushed his chest into Kos, knocking him over, by which time Gabriel was straight to his side and in the Chelsea player’s face.

After the players had been separated and play was set to resume, Gabriel then swung a leg back into Costa and was subsequently red carded after the big striker cried to Mike Dean.

Costa failed to see red for any of his challenges and only received a yellow for the altercation, proving that he is indeed invincible when it comes to referees and casting a shadow over the remainder of the match.

After the game, Wenger didn’t hold back, saying, “Every time somebody touches him he goes down like he has been killed.

“Costa gets away with it because of the weakness of the referee.”

Shame on Costa and shame on Dean for allowing this kind of player to go unpunished.

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