Arsenal’s financial records have been released and they show that the club have almost £200m in cash reserves (£193.1m).


Except that’s really not how these things work.

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For a business to operate securely they need to keep cash in reserve – would you blow all your savings on a massive round the world trip and not care about paying your rent? Well, I might, but that’s why I never have any money.

Mine is not a good example to follow.

Of course, the news that the club, which made a £25m profit last season, has £200m lying around has prompted many fans to ask why they didn’t just buy some players during the window. They’d clearly rather the club have no money and a load of players they didn’t need just to have something shiny to complain about.

The figures are up until the end of March 2015 and it should be noted that the profit figures are before tax which will eat into those numbers.

With a total turnover of £344.5m, Arsenal saw a rise of £42.6m thanks largely to the new PUMA deal. Pre-tax profit was also up £4.7m on the previous year.

Ivan Gazidis said of the figures “We continue to look to develop every aspect of our operations while remaining true to our principles around being self-funding, investing in youth, our style of play and our commitment to our fans and to our place in the community.