Former Arsenal man, Alan Smith insists that Olivier Giroud is capable of regaining his good form for the Gunners, he just needs to stop winding up the referees and knuckle down.

Giroud has had a rough couple of weeks. A poor performance for the France national team resulted in him being booed off the field by his own fans and then frustration on the pitch for Arsenal led to him being sent off against Dinamo Zagreb.

Due to the drama surrounding the 28-year-old, it’s easy to forget that he’s already scored two goals in five appearances in the Premier League this season, which isn’t too shabby considering he’s supposedly in the middle of a goal drought.

Olivier Giroud of Arsenal walks off after being shown the red card by referee
ZAGREB, CROATIA – SEPTEMBER 16: Olivier Giroud of Arsenal walks off after being shown the red card by referee Ovidiu Hategan during the UEFA Champions League Group F match between Dinamo Zagreb and Arsenal at Maksimir Stadium on September 16, 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

Alan Smith claims he’s been in Giroud’s position before and wanted to give the Frenchman some advice.

“I have had plenty of times when my confidence has been low and it happens to every striker,” said Smith.

“These days your under the microscope more with social media. [But I’d say to him} just keep plugging away.

The pundit continued, “I wasn’t like him in that I didn’t have a temper and I didn’t get on the wrong side of refs too often, but he’s French it’s that Gaelic temperament.

“He’s not helped himself, of course he’s not. But he’s got a good goal record for Arsenal so he’s just gotta keep going and concentrating on what does best. That’s all I’d say to him.”

If Giroud can cool down his fiery temper and just knuckle down on the pitch, Smith is right, the goals will come.

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