Comments from Roy Keane last week that all the Arsenal players are concerned with is taking ‘selfies‘ and showing off their six-packs have left Wenger, quite frankly, confused.

Quotes emerged recently from the former Manchester United man who is less than amused by our players’ picture-taking. Quite why he’s so concerned about this baffles me, but he, as usual, seems incredibly aggravated by it.

“Listen, every year we hear the same thing about Arsenal being contenders,” he rambled. “Instead of focusing on the Premier League, it’s all about how their bodies look, how their hair is, more so than winning football matches.”

Well, now Wenger has been asked about the bizarre comments and seems just as confused as everyone else.

“I don’t see a problem with that,” the boss said. “I didn’t really understand his argument. They are obsessed with themselves? No.

“They were on a plane, it was boring, you sit there for 13 hours and try to have fun.”

He continued, “I’m not too big a fan but I can understand it and I haven’t got any problem with it. I’m a victim of selfies more than a fan!”

Keane is never going to be a fan of Arsenal and Arsenal is never going to be a fan of Roy Keane. Since his Man United days, we’ve never got along and I doubt that’s going to change. However, his comments do come out of left-field. They’re not only unnecessary but a little bit strange.

It seems like just a chance to have a cheap shot at a club he still intensely dislikes.