A while ago, there was a rumour doing the rounds that Hector Bellerin had beaten Theo Walcott’s 40 metre sprint time and is faster than the 26-year-old – something vehemently denied by Theo.

However, Bellerin has insisted that it is true and explained recently to Goal.com how it came about.

Theo, who’s known for being one of the speediest forwards in the Premier League, held the time of 40 metres in 4.42 seconds. Bellerin insists he beat that time in a test at the beginning of last season, although didn’t reveal what his exact time was.

“Last year we had a test at the beginning of the season and the numbers came up that I was the quickest player in the squad,” the defender said. “Theo has always held that title so now there is always a bit of banter between us about who is going to be the quickest next season.” 

He continued, “I think he is working extra hard in the summer! It’s something that for me is irrelevant, it matters if your speed helps the team during the games.

“Theo would probably be quicker in short distances, but long distances I am better,” he explained.

“I’m always ready and I told him I’m going to be working extra hard as well to make sure he doesn’t beat me.”

There’s no doubt that the right-back is quick, he’s shown us this much, but whether he’s actually faster than Theo, in my mind, is doubtful. Perhaps he was having a good day when the test was carried out, but overall, I’d definitely put my money on the forward in a race.

Either way, having two intensely quick players in the squad can only be a good thing.

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