According to Caught Offside, Mesut Ozil is one of the top six richest players in the Premier League.

The German apparently earns £140k a week and is our top payed player after we forked out £42.5m to bring him to north London from Real Madrid.

Also among the top six is Liverpool’s new signing, former Aston Villa striker, Christian Benteke, who is supposedly on the same wages as Ozil…

Let that just sink in for a second.

Of course, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney makes an appearance on a rumoured £250k a week, while Chelsea’s Eden Hazard takes home £200k.

Whether these figures are accurate or not, who knows? What is clear is that they earn more money in a week than I’ll probably earn in the next ten years – and that’s me being optimistic. What we also know is that these stats aren’t exactly a surprise anymore.

If I’m being perfectly honest, we could pay Mesut Ozil in unicorn blood for all I care, as long as he stays with us.