Former Arsenal manager, George Graham, is the latest person attached to the club to voice his opinion on our apparent need for a new striker.

Graham managed Arsenal for nine years, back in the ‘boring‘ days, before Arsene Wenger took over with his new European style, and it appears he’s got some advice for the current boss.

“Arsenal need an out and out goalscorer,” Graham said. “They’re not making enough chances up front and they’re not taking their chances either.”

Graham was the manager who bought Ian Wright from Crystal Palace back in 1991 so it’s probably fair to say he has a bit of knowledge when it comes to strikers.

However, the ex-manager did acknowledge that finding a new striker at the moment is pretty difficult considering most of the best players are already attached to other clubs for large sums of money.

Graham continued, “They need a striker who can get 25 league goals a season if they want to win the Premier League – but where are they? We’re all looking around the country looking for the great strikers and great centre halves – they’re already with top clubs and they’re not available.”

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’ll sign anyone during this transfer window, let alone a striker. Saying that, our current options aren’t too bad. In fact, they’re pretty bloomin’ good. All we need is a good season from Olivier Giroud and another decent one from Alexis Sanchez and I’m sure we’ll be fine.